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Sandra Cetoute
Strevelsweg 212A2 , 3075AW

March 2018,
Dear Sir / Madame,
Please accept my application for this specific post. I am in need of a job, therefore I became interested in applying for this position. I have not much experiences but any position presented is appreciated because I am open minded. My availability is good , I can work full-time or part-time which is not a problem at all.
I am a young motivated lady who has few experiences in sales and also is definitely good with customers. I believe as a young professional that customers satisfaction is important. I am interested in the Sales department ,because I would like to take part in the Marketing section as part of my career one day. I have worked for two companies which is sales related ,and did job training in an bank company as an Assistance. In case you would like to know that these companies they are all satisfied with my work and has not have any complaints about me. I am a hard worker , very much a team player, dedicated and has good communication skills. I am willing to do the best of my abilities to help the company not only gain , but to also be pleased. I can assure you that there will be no regrets besides satisfaction. I do believe that this Job will be a different experience for me due to the fact that it is an different environment , so I am willing to take this chance and go for it.
Also I would like to add in conclusion, that I will be starting school this year and all I want is to make what I can get and save and also would love to be a member of the team not only to work but to also communicate with fellow members in order to get more adapt in the environment which will help me to better my Dutch , which I am working on in order for my Dutch to improve. I want to be able to better my Nederlandse taal and I feel like one of the best ways for me to do so is to be more involve with communicating with other people. I love to learn new things and I am willing to take a challenge. After all you will never know unless you try and I for one believe that any opportunity is possible with confidence and dedication. And also to work hard for what you want and I want to improve and I want to succeed.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Truly,
Sandra Cetoute


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    ze is erg aardig, vriendelijk en altijd glimlachend. altijd bereid om anderen te helpen met hun behoeften en geduld te hebben. ze vindt het leuk om met kinderen om te gaan en een goede tijd met hen te hebben

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