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We're a family of 4, Portuguese father, Dutch mother and 2 twins boys of 3 years old. We're looking for some help during weekday afternoons (between 3-7pm or 4-8pm) with looking after the kids and cooking dinner (the last hour). Ideally native English or native Portuguese speakers

We like the Montessori philosophy and would therefore be open to anyone thinking along the same lines:

1. respect for the child – speak and listen as you would to an adult
2. follow the child – trust your child will develop at their own pace
3. allow time – when we slow down, there is more time for exploration, curiosity, conversation and connection
4. involve your child in daily life – prepare food together, involve them as you do washing and cleaning, create gardening projects together, prepare for visitors, etc
5. help me to help myself – our children are so capable so we help as little as possible and as much as is necessary
6. hand on concrete learning – rather than simply teliing your child things or showing them how things work, let your child make discoveries for themselves

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2 Reviews

  • Juli 2019

    Very nice family. The twins are adorable!
    Nothing creepy about this family!

  • September 2018

    Straight away asked for my social media instead of asking personal seems creepy to me.


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