Hallo, ik ben Isza!

Extroverted introvert, Aquarius, and an only-child.

I was born and raised in Burlington Vermont. When I was 12, I moved to the United Arab Emirates where I lived for 5 years. During my years living as an expat in the UAE, I gained childcare experience amongst diverse expat families through babysitting, teaching swim lessons, and working with primary students in my international school. ..


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4 Referenties

  • April 2019 Nicolette is een Familielid

    To whom it may concern,
    I would like to highly recommend my niece Isza Parchini for a babysitter and/or nanny position.
    Two summers ago, when she was on a trip to her home state of Vermont, she stayed with my family for a month and accompanied us on a trip to The Outer Banks in North Carolina. She very quickly proved to be a great help around the house as well as on the trip with my then 3, 5, and 13 year old kids.
    She was quickly able to adjust to the time change and to our busy family life. She is bright, loving, playful, full of energy as well as being a fabulous cook!
    My family and I look forward to her next visit. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to have her join us as a full time nanny if she were to return the States.
    Nicolette Parchini

  • Maart 2019 Gregory Askew is een Familielid

    Yes, Isza's my daughter, but my unreserved recommendation comes not from a father's desire to see his daughter succeed but from the sincere belief that your child(ren) would be in the best hands if you were to choose her. Why? Well, Isza's one of the most caring and conscientious people I know. She will actively take the care and well-being of your child(ren) with the utmost seriousness, and her personality is such that your child(ren) will be sure to enjoy their time with her--in a word, she's fun! I remember how in high school in the UAE she gave swim lessons to the children of another expat family, preteen to teen, with whom she connected through one of the local forums. Given her background as a competitive swimmer, she could have simply winged it, but she didn't. She made sure to research the best methods for teaching children with different levels of proficiency in the pool. She even wrote out the day's lesson plan on a whiteboard tablet she set up poolside! A professional educator, I was impressed by her practical and sound approach to the task despite not being a trained educator herself. But it wasn't all drill-and-kill in her lessons; she made sure to engage the kids in one of the many games she learned as a young swimmer, and the energy and enthusiasm she brought to the experience was authentic, an expression of her character just as much as of her sense of responsibility.
    I whole-heartedly recommend Isza to work with your child(ren) because she is a committed, caring, respectful, competent, outgoing, fun and friendly person, and you'll be pleased to get to know her.

  • Maart 2019 Michelle is een Familielid

    Isza is a family oriented individual with a well rounded personality that enables her to engage empathetically with others. She is creative and a person who takes time to get to know you; her thoughtfulness has always been a winner with everyone she interacts with (she is the very best gifter!). Far from shy, she is always the first one to start up a conversation. Our family vacations traveling abroad found Isza taking the initiative to reach out and CONNECT. Her openness was contagious; kids would flock to her like bees on honey:) Suffice it to say Isza has a playful, home centered energy; she enjoys games, music, dancing, goofing around, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

  • Maart 2019 Tim is een Vriend

    As one of my best friends, I can confidently say that Isza as a great person. Respectful to others, responsible, and caring for the little things are among her personality traits that I appreciate the most. It's these traits that I think especially children can benefit from while they are growing up. With her repertoire of music, love for boardgames, arts&crafts, and much more- it certainly won't get boring with her around.


Oppas Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

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